How to check if your personal loan was missold

With payday loans in the news almost every single day more and more people are now looking to their personal loan to see if it was missold to them in the past.

So if you think this may apply to you then follow these steps to help you

1)      Contact the loan company and ask for a copy of your loan agreement

2)      Check the loan agreement for things like

Loan protection as this has commonly been missold to millions of people and is commonly known as ppi. You may not even be aware it has been added to the loan so it is worth checking as you may be entitled to compensation if it has been.

Look at the interest rate you are paying and if you feel it is too high then write to the company and explain why you feel it is too high based on your circumstances. Loan companies especially banks vary their interest rate charged on loans and it is not uncommon for you to have been charged more interest than you should have paid.

Other reasons it may have been missold is that the company has consolidated a previous loan into a new loan and charged you higher interest for doing so which could be unfair and therefore missold.

Have your circumstances change since you took out the loan and you have found it difficult to make your monthly payments?

If so and your lender has not dealt with you sympathetically then you also have reason to complain as your lender has a duty to deal with situations like this sympathetically.

Other things which may apply to you being mis sold your loan could include you being in arrears with a previous loan but the lender allowing you to consolidate the previous loan into a new one when your circumstances have not changed or the lender has not assessed your income and expenditure properly and still given you a loan which could result in hardship if it was unaffordable from the outset.

If you have any concerns regarding your personal loan whether it was for a car purchase, debt consolidation or for anything else then please visit for further information.

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Injury Lawyers in Scotland: What Qualities Must They Possess?

Selecting the best one among the thousands of injury lawyers in Scotland can be very stressful, especially with the number of choices that you can have. There are so many good lawyers out there, but not all of them can offer their services to you at the price that you want. They have so many differences and if you are not going to be mindful in choosing, your personal injury claims can always fail to get the compensation that it deserves. But to make things simpler for you, here are four of the qualities that you must look for when choosing the right personal injury lawyer for you.

Comes From A Credible Company

It would be safe if you would begin by choosing a credible company whom you can give your trust to. Most of the time, lawyers who work under reputable agencies or law firms are the ones who can handle cases better than the others. Remember that the reputation of a certain company is also a reflection of the employees that it has. But after you have chosen the company, start concentrating on choosing that specific lawyer who can handle your claims.


Of course, if you are going to choose among the countless injury lawyers in Scotland, go for the one who is experienced. This does not only mean that you should choose the one with “mere experiences.” You must be specific in choosing and go for the one with the most number of experiences in handling personal injury claims in Scotland. This way, you can be certain that you will be giving your trust to the lawyer who knows what he is doing.

High Success Rate

Another quality to look for when choosing among the available injury lawyers in Scotland is a high success rate in the personal injury claims or cases that they are handling and that they have handled. You should not only look at the number of experiences that these lawyers have had in the past. Be certain that they are handling the claims well and that you can get a high chance of getting your compensation once you give your trust to them. Still, be practical in choosing and pick a lawyer, too, who will offer his service to you at a reasonable rate.


Finally, go for injury lawyers in Scotland who can work professionally. Go for the one who will attend to your needs and to your appointment on or before the time that you have scheduled. He must also be unbiased when making arguments and he should concentrate on giving you the success that you need for your claim and not on earning profit from you.

With the qualities listed above, you will absolutely be able to find the injury lawyers in Scotland who can work best for your claims. Just always keep them in mind, be smart making your decision and be certain that who have already explored all your options before coming up with a final decision.

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Importance of Retirement Money – How to Generate Income Out of It?

Most people with either a small or a huge amount of retirement money should not be confident enough about their financial stability. Life is demanding and necessities are consistently increasing, especially when one is supporting a family. Saving money is not enough, but investing is far more important than that. This is done in order to generate a consistent profit, investing safely through several ways.

Ways to Invest Retirement Money

Certainly, saving money is important to everyone. But saving is not always equivalent to a significant financial progress. There are different ways to invest, talking about investing one’s retirement money. One of which is through property investments. This could provide people with a source of income that is stable. However, such investments require maintenance and unanticipated expenses. Other choices include mutual funds, municipal bonds, annuities, stock market, and a lot more. People with retirement savings should narrow down their choices, arriving at the option that will best fit their needs.

How to Avoid Mistakes

Normally, people with retirement money are afraid to try new, unproven or even tested investment options. They usually stick with a simple savings account to keep their money safe; that is what they think. Most people also do this to avoid any mistakes and afraid to take risks of losing their money. However, mistakes can be prevented by doing a thorough research and education surrounding investment options. It is highly advised that investors should learn the different ways and terms to invest, and how reliable is the company that they are investing their money with. Proper education is likewise essential in order to avoid money frauds and other illegal transactions.

Professional Advice and Assistance

Having a huge sum of money may become a very interesting scenario for certain people. However, it could also become a daunting task for some. Investing money is not as easy as 123 because there are many options in the financial market. People with retirement money and want an investment should seek professional advice from experts. Reading books, magazines, and even online materials are significant to one’s understanding of the investment world. Getting to know different financial advisors and getting recommendations are similarly important.

How Much to Risk

It is a great understanding for investors to know the risks of their investments. They should be willing to take risks when necessary. Not all investments are completely safe. There are investments that pose higher risks than profit. The rate of return also fluctuates depending on the type of investment one will make. The outcome of each investment varies from time to time, considering the current market conditions.

Good or Bad Investment

There are several types of how people can invest their retirement money, from mutual fund to property investment, municipal bond, annuities, and the like. Although there are lots of options, people cannot determine which one is good or bad. The outcome depends on the personal and the specific need of the client. Return rate also depends on the amount of money one is willing to invest. Moreover, the result could entirely depend on the corporation that will manage such investments.


Making a retirement investment should make sure that at least, it would provide income for the investor. Who would want to put their money to sleep? No one, of course. Hence, investors seek out ways in making their retirement investments that would generate income. This is based on a monthly basis, commission basis, and other methods. Nevertheless, investors would like to generate a consistent income instead of plainly keeping their money in a savings account. Indeed, proper education, professional advice, and having an instinctive effort to invest a retirement money are equally important throughout the decision-making.


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